Friday, December 12

Ford Tough

Ford is a dog with a sad history. He'd had four homes before he came to us, and for the most recent year or two of his life he's been living with a large pack of dogs and seemed to get along pretty well. However, in recent months, as he has grown older, he became the object of the six larger dogs' aggression. He has a number of scars, including a bite that goes right through his ear. Understandably, Ford has a lot of fear to overcome. He's had to spend a lot of time being on guard against attacks and he's had to develop a strategy to survive.

When he first arrived at his foster home, he was very growly, and he even nipped his caretaker as she put him into his crate. We moved him to a foster family with experience dealing with mastiffs and large dogs. Since he's been there, Ford has learned about living with larger dogs who don't bite and what it's like to live in a home with a powerful, no-nonsense person in charge. No aggression is permitted between her dogs.

Ford has been slowly desensitized to strange dogs and introduced to a wide variety of willing people. He's made terrific progress in the time he's been with us, and it's a testament both to his foster family's skill and his own true nature that he's overcome so much of his fear and aggression. He is still very fearful and reactive at the vet's office, and he'll never be a good dog to take to work. He will always require a family willing to maintain good order in the household, but he's no longer the terrified, insecure, good-offense-is-the-best-defense kind of boy he was when he first came to us.

Here's what his foster mom has to say about Ford: "We were told that Ford has had 4 different homes in his 9 years. I think that is the cause of his unpredictable temperament. He uses his growling as a defense mechanism. I think he has bullied his way through life because of fear. Deep down he loves to cuddle. He even gives kisses when asked.
In the right home with structure and a routine I think he will settle in and be a nice companion as long as he stays close to home. He is a very good boy -- just misunderstood."

Ford will be on the available pages next week. If you have room in your well-ordered home for an older guy who has been through a lot, take a look at his bio. Ford might be a great addition to your family.

The Frog Princess

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