Wednesday, December 17

Apres Bain

M. Qbert would like to ask a question of all ze jolie laaaadeeez in ze kingdom: "Voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir?"

Mr. Hefner? Eat your heart out!

Ooo la la, Qbert! sighs

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

"Ooo la la!" is right! Ze leetle frog man c'est magnifique! So debonaire! So full of savoir faire! All the mademoiselles are swooning!

Anonymous said...

Lock up the girls! Once they catch a whiff of this hunk of frenchie pulchritude there will be no keeping them down on the farm!

Anonymous said...

Oh la la indeed!!

Mr. Q Bert is SO handsome! He will definitely make the "Top Ten List of Beautiful People" of 2008, no doubt!!

Love the expression on this guy...He is hamming it up!

Maybe next there will be a video of him doing a little swagger :)

Mr. Q Bert is THE MAN!