Sunday, August 3

Rambo Gets Dunked!

Rambo is being fostered in northeast Pennsylvania and his daily walks are supervised by his foster mom, a professional dog trainer. You'll notice that Rambo is in the water without a vest. Shortly after these photos were taken, a donor sent our foster mom, and nine other foster families, a package with a vest in it! Keep your Frenchie safe around the water--if he doesn't wear a vest, don't let him get any deeper than his shoulders, and don't take your eyes off him. Don't take your eyes off him if he DOES wear a vest!

"Rambo is a fun little guy to have staying with us. We found that he likes to splash in the lake, but he feels that with his rotund figure, there'll be no swimming, thanks.

He's not too bothered about playing with other dogs; he just likes his humans best. This week, he hopped into the shower for a scrub with a little steak for an incentive, so big improvements there in terms of minding.
Rambo will always be a sensitive soul, on the insecure side, but when you know how to bring out the best in him, he really does have the sweetest personality!

And he's a huge sofa cuddler. I'm hoping he'll go on the available page in the next week or two, I just need to have my vet recheck his eyelids to see whether he still needs entropion surgery. A routine of keeping his face clean seems to be resolving the issue.

He giggles like the Pilsbury doughboy when you poke his tummy-- come to think of it, he looks a little like him too!"

When they got home, Rambo "had an al fresco bath on the deck, now he's getting over his sulk with a peanut butter kong - he has a figure to keep, you know."

We think Rambo is a fine hunk of Frenchie fantastique! We love a frog who walks softly and carries a soggy stick, sighs

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rambo,
You are so beautiful to me.
Can't you see?