Wednesday, August 27

Tobias Says:

Don't sleep through your chance to give a nameless puppy a fabulous, unforgettable moniker!
Have you sent in your bid for our "Name the Puppies" auction? Honor a good friend, insult an enemy, exercise your imagination! You know, none of us will live long enough to own all the dogs we've got great names for--why not bid on a puppy and send it into the world with a wonderful name? Your childhood pal, your Grandpa's dog, a favorite tv or comic book character--it's up to you! We once dreamed of naming 3 dogs "Shirley" "Goodness" and "Mercy."

We ourselves are particular to fictional dogs as namesakes. We once named a Scotty after a naughty Aberdeen terrier in P.G. Wodehouse's novel Code of the Woosters: Bartholomew. He was a wonderful, happy boy, and he never bit a policeman or knocked one off a bicycle in his whole life.

Bill Sykes' poor bulldog from Oliver Twist was called Bullseye. We'd love to immortalize that character by naming a Frenchie after him, noble and tragic beast that he was.

We just finished enjoying an old murder mystery novel, Love Lies Bleeding by Edmund Crispin. There's a terrific canine character called Mr. Merrythought in it. We may have to bid to give one of those boys that name. Hate it? Better bid high enough to stop us!

We have 7 adorable puppies of every sex and personality type, and all you have to do is come up with a great name! Check out the details HERE!

FBRN is hurting for donations! Here's a fun way to help, suggests
The Frog Princess

PS Please do note! You are bidding only for the privilege of NAMING the puppy. The puppy will be placed as all FBRN pups are placed, after applications are reviewed and a vet check and a home visit performed. Your bid is NOT for the puppy--just for the naming of the puppy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, NO - Smeags has competition! Tobias makes the froglettes swoon!!

Deanna said...

Oh darn! I missed it!