Thursday, August 7

Roma through surgery!

Her foster mom writes:
"Roma is doing well. They continued her IV and have been giving her dexamethasone(steriod) to reduce the swelling and make sure her airway stays open. So far it has been fine. The surgery was two and a half hours repairing her hard and soft palate. Her mouth is full of sutures.
They did not spay her due to the length of surgery. They did not want to keep her under any longer or stress her any further. They allowed her to lick ice cubes today and tomorrow will give her a soupy dog food and see how she does. If all goes well she will come home tomorrow, if not, she will be able to come home on Sat.
She is in ICU under respiratory watch so she is having to stay in a cage but is checked very frequent to insure no breathing problems arise. There is a vet there 24 hours if something should happen. She also still has a IV running to ensure she does not get dehydrated.
He promised to call first thing in the morning to let me know how she is doing and if she will be allowed to come home. Our baby girl is a fighter and has crossed the hardest hurdle. I will keep everyone posted on her progress."
Thanks everyone for your good wishes! Keep 'em coming!

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

All our prayers and warm wishes for sweet Roma! She looks just like our Frenchie boy, Batman. We love her! Love and kisses, The Haltiwangers (in SC) Russ, Stephanie, Batman and Hogan

Anonymous said...

Praying for the baby girl to recover well from her surgery & be better than new, once her mouth heals!

Anonymous said...

May the frogdog force with be you Roma!

The Frenchsters said...

Dear Roma,
Keep on keeping on, girl. We're sending our best Frenchie kisses and hugs and good thoughts and love.
Lucy & Yo-Yo

RHz said...

All my love and prayers to you, Roma.

Anonymous said...


Who wouldn't wish wee Roma the very best?!!


Everyone in the UNIVERSE