Sunday, August 3

Enzo: It Takes A Thief

Enzo is having a little vacation in the home of masterful tomato thief kingpin and FBRN grad, Benny the Frog.

As is typically the case in these scenarios, the older, charismatic Fagin-type will lead our innocent young Enzo, a currently available FBRN foster, down the primrose path of temptation, wrongdoing and crime.

Benny's mom reports that shortly after she witnessed this confab between the two suspects, she proceeded to shampoo the dogs, one after the other.

Meanwhile, Enzo was putting Benny's plan into action!

When Benny's long-suffering ma emerged from her work of bathing all her beasts, she found herself confronted with the sad evidence of Enzo's moral corruption: He was caught red-handed, toes sandpapered to flower-petal softness, trying to crack the combination on the family breadbox!

We need hardly express the depth of our disappointment in young Enzo. What a breach of the rules of host/guest relations and behavior! Oh! We have had such hopes for him; hopes that he might enjoy the life of a good boy.
We'd hoped he'd be adopted by a lovely family looking for a sweet, laid-back deaf guy with ongoing, but manageable health issues. Now, with this on his permanent record, what hope does he have of finding a loving family?
Look at that face! Completely oblivious to the seriousness of his transgression!

The boy simply doesn't know the difference between mine and thine, right and wrong, infer and imply.

Why, he wouldn't even stand and watch his hostess lecture him! He didn't even pretend to be sorry.

We worry about him. We really do.

If you think you might have a place for an inept and unrepentant would-be muffin-thief, check out Enzo's bio. Could be you could become another Ma Barker, with a whole crew of canine bad boys calling your place home.

Cracking her royal self up,
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

All I can say about these two is that it is a darn good thing Lucky Lu doesn't live on the same block!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the only thing Enzo steals is a new mom's or dad's heart!! FP, you're the greatest!