Friday, July 25

Lucky Lu: A Card Sharp's Tale

As you can imagine, the life of a card sharp leads to all sorts of bad company and poor choices. Before long, Lucky Lu found herself banished from every table. She no longer received dinner invitations from friends. When walking through the park, formerly cordial neighbors gave her the cut direct and walked past without so much as an involuntary tail wag or ear flick. She grew depressed. She took to her bed.

After a time, Lucky Lu emerged, defiant, from her blues. It was time to move on, Lucky Lu decided. And what better place to go than to that land where fallen women and shameless exhibitionists have always found a haven and a welcome: Hollywood.

Lucky Lu was gambling on a career in show biz.

After a visit to a salon, Lucky Lu set off to her first audition. A TV movie: "Luna, Froggier Princess!" With her boughten tousled tresses flowing over her shoulders, Lu made her way to 20th Century Frog Studios, and a life of fame and fortune!

An hour later, she emerged, outraged, disheveled, her glorious polyester locks askew and her dignity compromised. Lucky Lu had found herself, as so many hopeful young women before her, hoist by her own ambition onto the dangerously plush and deceptively cushy casting couch!

Fallen though she may be, Lucky Lu gathered the rags and tatters of her dignity about her and trotted away from the site of the couchy debauchery, and out into the smoggy air.

Back home once more, Lucky Lu thought long and hard. She looked at herself. She squinted at her reflection and pursed her lips. Then Lucky Lu rid herself of her absurd plastic hair, and she stepped into the warm and bubbly baptism of the bath. She made the water hot. She made the bubbles deep and thick!

She washed away the sin and the slimy traces of prurient producers' paddling paws!

She scrubbed away the memories of her shocking slip into the grip of a gambler's life!

Each bursting bubble bore away the dirt of debasement and depravity!

No more the shame and loneliness of life as a card sharp!

No more the floozy's fun in the Hollywood sun!

Washed and dried! Sanctified! De-skankified! De-flea'd, indeed! Pure, for sure!

Safe again in the welcoming arms of her own foster family!

Free once more to walk among her forgiving fellows in the park as an equal and a friend!

Lu has returned to clean and simple living! Tickles and kisses from her foster mamma,
some time in the yard with a big blue ball, and a satisfying game of fetch with a pretty pink toy: these are thrills enough for our Lu.

That's right: just plain Lu.

If you think you can provide these things for Lu, you might get lucky yourself!

Check out her bio and see if you and she were meant to be!

There's just something about a sadder but wiser gal, admits

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm so glad Lu found the error of her ways, before we had to mount an intervention!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a love! What a wayward tale turnaround. Sadder but wiser girl . . . there's a song in there, perhaps a whole Broadway show. Here's to Lu having her own Someone she can croon goodnight to every night!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW Lu!!! You the sweetest SWEETEST thing!

KhrisW said...

Love those pictures.... Especially the one of Lu with the ball, awesome! The picture of her with her Foster Mom is wonderful, too-she looks so happy.

Happiness is a French Bulldog, though. Have a great day and thanks for the post!