Friday, August 8

Raisin: Tart and Sweet!

Our foster families do more than just house the dogs they care for while we find them forever homes. Frequently, they are called to help dogs learn new behavior or to provide a place for dogs to recuperate from illness, surgery or injury. Poor Raisin had to have a place where she could recuperate from the loss of an eye, plus learn new life shkills so she could find a home!
Thankfully, her foster family is up to the task on both counts! Raisin's family has had to make a couple of emergency trips to the University of MN veterinary school, and it's 100 mile trip one way! And one of those trips was in the dead of night.

Our foster families are dedicated, loving people who are committed to helping our foster dogs.
Here's an update from Raisin's foster mom about Raisin, an available dog in need of a loving home.

"Yesterday, I felt brave--actually I felt that Raisin has made leaps and bounds towards being a better dog--so we (my elderly frenchie, Raisin, and myself) made the trip to Petco to pick up dog food.

Raisin was taken back by all the smells, sounds, animals and NEW DOGS! She was not liking the slippery tiled floors, but quickly learned to walk again...she never batted an eye, nor barked or growled at any other animal in the store. She was content with just walking next to her buddy, as we cruised about.

And for being so well-behaved she got to buy a NEW "loofa dog," since SOMEBODY (Raisin) ripped the stuffing out of the last 2.

I was impressed with Raisin's behavior, and she has come a LONG way from when we picked her up...the first couple weeks we had her she would do anything to EAT any other animal she could, but with correction her attitude has improved! Im just happy knowing that she HAS changed, and even though she still has her "moments" (at
unpredictable times) she will someday be able to share a similar experience (traveling to Petco, going for walks in the dog park, etc.) with HER forever family. She has proved today that she can be a good girl!"

We are looking for a family who would like to continue Raisin's training and make sure she continues to be the good girl we know is in there! Check out Raisin's bio and see if you could be the family we are looking for.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Could there be a cuter name for a little brindle Frenchie than "Raisin"? Nope.