Friday, August 8

Wagons, Ho!

Several weeks ago, FBRN transported four Frenchies across many miles of arid wasteland (foster home-wise) from the far East coast where all our foster homes were full to the tippytop to the land of milk and honey where foster homes are thick on the ground and stood ready to absorb some of the runover from our cup. Families in western Pennsylvania, Illinois and Missouri stepped in to offer sanctuary to our weary

Here are some photos from the road of Suzi (pretty fawn) and Rex (handsome pied). From New Jersey to Kansas, 20 volunteers made the transport happen, and dogs were picked up and dropped off all along the way. It was a masterpiece of planning and we couldn't have done it without help from volunteers at Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (thanks!), who jumped in to help in an area where FBRN has no volunteers. We hope to return the favor someday!

It takes all kinds of volunteers to make FBRN go. If you'd like to help with transporting some frogs, send an email to our volunteer coordinator Kathi at frenchiehelper at aol dot com. You might make a froggy friend!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

As a volunteer that cannot foster I highly recommend getting involved with transports. Transporting is the highlight of what I do for FBRN.

It is a wonderful feeling having one-on-one time with these babies as you take them to a foster home that will love them and prepare them for their Happily Everafter.