Friday, August 8

Brook: Ready or Not! Here I Come!

From wheelchair to freewheeling, we could not be more delighted with Brook's recovery!
Here's a note from Brook's foster mom, who has made the miracle possible:

"Brook is on her way to the available page!

Brook continues to improve. She was back to the neurologist on Tuesday for her monthy checking in. Another centimeter growth around each thigh and nearly that much again around her abdomen. Since beginning her physical therapy exercises two months ago, she has gained 3 cm. around her thighs and about the same around the middle. She is just
shy of 24 lbs.

Here is the huge news which I did not expect: Not only does the doctor see improvement in her gait, but she said that there is improved proprioception in her legs. And both of them. Wow!
As per her restrictions: no uncontrolled activity. That is to say no stairs and launching onto & off of furniture, etc. All of these things she is quite able to do, but until we're further away from her surgery date we do not want any risk of setback. So, the cookie monster can do some playing with the other dogs and some running (which she loves!) and whatnot. Long as she doesn't elevate to 'out of control'.

Our doggity crew are quite gentle such that all can do some nice playing w/o pounding on each other. It is Brook Brook that needs most monitoring! She completely chews on & bulldozes the resident frenchie (FBRN grad, Reggie) and she provokes & gooses, bounces & nibbles at the boxers. She is a rascal and a delight. It's all fun & games for
Brookie. I'm attaching some pictures so you can see how strong she

The improvement is remarkable, I'd say.

In addition, with her regularly schedules walks we have been without any accident indoors and diaper free for some time now.

All good news in the world of Brook!"

Imagine making this kind of difference in the life of a dog. Our volunteers are simply remarkable, marvels

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Go Brook!!! You have come such a long ways with the help of a great foster Mom or 2!! We're so glad to see you have come so far!!

Way to go Brook!!