Friday, August 8

Chumley Speaks!

Chumley is one of the Texas Twelve, a group of dogs we were asked to place when a drug distribution cum puppy mill operation was shut down a few weeks ago. Here's a note from his foster mom about the heretofore silent young Chumley:

"Last night Chumley "barked"...well, it's actually this tiny whisper accompanied by all the appropriate body language for a real ear splitter.

Our dogs think it is fascinating, and look at him like "how did you swallow my squeaky toy?"

Considering our resident frenchie can produce substantial sound for such a tiny fellow and our mix breed is known for her ear rupturing single percussive barks, I can't say that a whisper bark is such a bad thing. As long as there are no medical concerns associated with it."

Chumley started his heartworm treatment last week. You can follow his story and read about the other Texas survivors here.

Drugs and puppies. What a recipe for disaster, moans

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful boy--cheers to Chumley! We're praying for your rapid recovery so that you can move to the Available Dogs page super soon!

Richard and Virginia Needham