Monday, August 18

Hair of the Dog

This photo came to us with a question: "Do you think it is a Frenchie?" We thought she was a Frenchie, or close enough to make no difference, and we sent a brand-new volunteer haring off to snatch her up from the shelter she was in. The shelter people had picked her up off the streets and taken her picture and posted it on a website, and one of our eagle eyed volunteers saw it. There are lots of ways to volunteer for FBRN. (Some of them don't even involve leaving the house!) Could this poor floppy eared, nekkid, pitiful thing really be a French bulldog pup? We'd have to wait and see what time and good health revealed.

These photos were taken last week. Calvina received many generous sponsorships when she first appeared on the foster page. Rightly so--the poor girl was bald and itching like the fury of seven scorned and bitter women. Here is a youtube video of Calvina shortly after she was picked up from the shelter. And here's another one. She's just as adorable as she can be, hairless or not!
When the Frog Princess was a tiny froglet, there was a fascinating soap product in the shape of a teddy bear. The more one used the soap, the more fuzzy the soap became. It was called "Fuzzy Wuzzy" soap. We are reminded of that as we look at the progress Calvina is making.
These photos show Calvina, known to her family as Callie, in a state of recovery. If you look very closely, you can see the peach fuzz growing back along her spine and neck. Here is what her foster mom said in her last update:
"She is doing great! She has been spayed, is over her kennel cough AND has hair! She still stinks a little bit but that is getting better day by day. I can't believe how fast her hair started growing in!
She is stubborn when it comes to potty training, but even with all the rain today, she has only had 1 accident.
She's a very sweet dog, she loves other dogs, loves to play, loves kids and LOVES to eat!"
Calvina has completed her course of treatment for Demodex and had a clean scrape for mites, so she's on the available page! If you are in the market for a loving, sweet pup, Calvina might be the girl for you.
Say, did you notice the ears are up?
We hope that Calvina's many sponsors are as thrilled as we are to see her beauty being revealed the longer she is loved and cared for and cuddled with.
If you haven't sponsored one of our dogs recently, please consider visiting our foster page and sending along a donation. Right now we have a number of dogs with expensive and complex medical issues, especially Slava, who has been in the hospital for two days and must remain there for another week. We'll post more about her shortly, but we could really use an influx of sponsorship donations!

With gratitude for past help, and hope that your generosity will continue,
The Frog Princess


aerochic76 said...

Oh, you beautiful doll! Hugs and frenchie kisses from Zombo (who's heart is going pitter patter...) and his Mom

Unknown said...

I'm Calvina's foster mom. I have to say, looking at those pictures turns my stomach. To see her now, all the progress she has made, warms my heart! She has hair all over her body! I will get more pictures of her very soon!

RHz said...

Oh, if I could snatch you up, sweet girl, I truly would. Many well wishes on your road to a speedy (and hairy) recovery.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH shes so beautiful!!! Thank Goodness for FBRN who took her in and made her better!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH shes so beautiful!!! Thank Goodness for FBRN who took her in and made her better!