Tuesday, April 17

Tasha's Time

When we picked her up at the shelter, we were told that Tasha was surrendered with only the terse explanation, "Cannot keep her."
She is an extremely gentle, quiet, loving girl, and she seems very happy to be among other dogs and people.

We were told she was born in 1993. She was also a champion. Now she is abandoned, and we are left wondering what could possibly have happened to her people that could have forced them to drop her off at the shelter rather than rehoming her with friends or family. Whatever happened, we are so glad we could help!

Here she is on a recent visit en route to her new foster home with NC10 dog, Cora, in the upper right. Polka dots are the new black, we hear!

Tasha is in excellent shape, suffering from none of the indignities that elderly Frenchies can sometimes fall victim to. She is active, playful, fully housetrained and a bundle of fun!

Here is Tasha, receiving an homage from young Curran, who grew up respecting his elders, not like some young Frenchies these days, BOOMER!, who insist on chasing their elders around the house and dangling from their cheeks and pouncing on them from under couches and around corners and gnawing on their tail nubbins, and otherwise being sassy young thugs. No, Curran was raised right, and Tasha is very grateful for his gentility.

Tasha won't be going on our foster page, nor will she be available to the public for adoption. At fourteen years old, we have decided not to put her through the stress of a foster home and then a subsequent placement following several weeks with her foster family. We will be expediting her permanent placement, placing her with a volunteer who will care for her for as long as she has left. We've had several offers and we will let you know where Tasha will be going as soon as we have a final decision and a photo!

We are very thankful to the shelter and for the technologies that allow us to find Frenchies in need all over the country, and to our volunteers, like the volunteer who picked up Tasha, loaded her kids in the car, and made the trip to pick up Tasha into a family adventure, culminating with a trip to a certain fast-food restaurant. Turns out Tasha is a french-fry fiend, turning up her nose at chicken pieces, but virtually tunneling through the upholstery to get to the little red box with the deep fried taters in it. She's calm and quiet and well-mannered in every other regard, but the girl loves her fries!

After some consideration, we believe it is not a bit surprising that a French bulldog would be freaky for French fries, finds
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Tasha! May your days be filled with Frenchie fun and new friends and fries for zee Frenchies!