Thursday, April 19

Jacques is ready for a home!

Our handsome and unique frog, Jacques, is languishing, I say he is languishing in Southern California, waiting for an invitation to join some happy family somewhere. He is terrifically intelligent, able to solve problems in advanced applied ergonomics and motion studies--his most recent exercise in figuring physics involved jumping aboard a wheeled chair and riding it toward the counter. When the chair slowed to a stop, he was able to get it started and scoot it all the way to his destination with sheer force of personality. And a little bit of the ol' herky jerky.

He's a smart boy, and he's a funny old thing. If you are one of the few folks in the population who can claim a higher I.Q. than his, why not check out his biography and see if he'd be a good fit for your family?
Everybody loves a smartypants! says
The Frog Princess


Heather and Pumpkin said...

I love his photo in the smoking jacket. He's like Hef looking for his mansion.

Anonymous said...

Jacques, I hope you do not languish for long. You've come such a long way, handsome fella'. The right home for you is out there!