Tuesday, March 27

Sugar Sweetens Texas

Here is 8 year-old Sugar, our latest Texas addition to the FBRN foster roster!

She was surrendered after an ugly incident in her first home. Her family reports that she has dog aggression issues, and we are watching her carefully in her foster home to find out what her triggers may be.

So far, her foster dad reports that Sugar is simply a crotchety old gal, so far appearing more fearful and shy around the other dogs in her foster home than aggressive toward them.

Like most Frenchies, though she may be unhappy to share the earth with other dogs, she is happy as a worm in warm mud when she gets to be with people! Also, she does love her car rides!

So she's a little crotchety. As the marvelous Joe E. Brown famously exclaimed in the classic Some Like It Hot: Nobody's perfect!

The Frog Princess


Balboa said...

You're not crotchety, you're mature, wise, and know what you want. When you find your forever family, you'll feel much better. Oh, I like your collar!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Some Like It Hot too.

There's nothing wrong with crotchety. It merely means that Sugar doesn't suffer fools. Good for her.