Monday, March 19


Monty is one of the Pennsylvania 8, a group of Frenchies FBRN liberated from a commercial breeder who was ready to get out of the French Bulldog puppy business.

Monty is a great boy. His temperament is wonderful, his physique is impressive now that he's gained some weight and been eating good food, and he's a pleasure to have around. He still wears a belly band around the house to prevent him from marking things, but his housebreaking is coming along.

Here, Monty and Pia, the resident Frenchie girl, enjoy the delightful contrasts of warm sun, cool breeze, and frozen snow. What is it like to experience sunlight for the first time as a grown dog? How does snow feel to paws raised on wire and concrete? For a dog, whose sense of smell is so keen, what were the first moments of clean air outside the fetid barn like? Imponderable questions, we know, but we hope that Monty is enjoying each warming sunbeam and each freshet of new fragrances the coming spring delivers.

We are so proud to have helped make it possible for him take his first steps in clean, white, soft snow. We are very grateful to the sponsors and donors who have contributed and continue to contribute to the care and costs of springing the Pennsylvania 8.
Thank you!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Monty is a perfect example of all the wonderful things FBRN does. What your volunteers do never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

This is your time, Monty. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

I think that's one of the handsomest mugs I've ever seen! What a sweetheart!