Thursday, March 22


Delilah has had a tough few weeks. She developed an infection and one of the symptoms was cluster seizures. We were able to get Delilah in to see a specialist, a neurologist, and he immediately designed a treatment plan for her.

The vet was able to attribute the seizures to an infection, and Delilah has been undergoing treatment for the last two weeks. It's now been more than a week since Delilah's last seizure, and she has reverted to normal puppyhood. She is a wonderfully friendly girl, very hungry and food motivated, and a sweet little snugglebug. She loves to explore the wilderness of the backyard, and all the interesting springtime smells are a source of fascination.
Delilah will be on clyndamycin and phenobarbitol for another month as she overcomes her infection and we try to help her outgrow the seizures. Seizures are very frightening to see, and to see them in such a tiny puppy is even terrifying. We are so grateful to our foster mom for hanging in there and following through with meds and doctor visits and testing. If you'd like to help sponsor some of Delilah's medical costs, you can do that on her page at the FBRN site.
Delilah is living up to her name! We know many people who have been enchanted by her charms and her eyebrow. She is a temptress, that's for sure, and if you are wise you will keep a close watch on your heart, warns
The Frog Princess

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