Thursday, March 29

New beds for Gumpie and Kayla!

Gumpie is in Colorado, awaiting an appointment at CSU to have an MRI on his spine. As you may recall, Gumpie was diagnosed with a case of spina bifida earlier this year, and we are working with specialists to see if damage can be mitigated or further damage avoided. As you can imagine, keeping a dog comfortable while his spinal issues are assessed is a key part of his treatment plan! Fortunately, FBRN has wonderful friends and supporters who always come through for our needy fosters. This very comfy pillow is for the floor, and Gumpie likes to snuggle up with the other dogs on it when the cold winds are blowing, as it happens they are this week.

The comfy bed you see here was ordered for FBRN graduate Maisy. Tragically, Maisy passed away before the bed arrived. Her mom chose to donate this ultra soft, ultra cozy bed to Gumpie. Gumpie likes to crawl into this bed to rest. He sleeps very soundly in it. We are so grateful to Maisy's mom for thinking of another FBRN foster, and we join her in grieving Maisy's loss, while celebrating their happy days together.

Kayla was the lucky recipient of one of 4 beds a generous SoCal donor made available to our fosters! Seems our benefactor received a gift certificate to a local mall and decided she'd spend it on dogbeds for our disadvantaged fosters. Kayla is camera-shy, which explains the helping hands in this photo, but we knew you would want to see her pretty face! Kayla is getting along very well, and with her beautiful, soft new bed she feels quite special. Nothing like having a comfortable place of your own to give a girl a little boost in self-confidence.

Thank you to our generous donors, volunteers, and adopters for your kind and thoughtful gifts.
We know Gumpie and Kayla and the others who will receive beds soon are thrilled and sleeping warm and well in them.
The Frog Princess

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