Friday, March 30

Pippin's Process

Pippin, the deliciously difficult dappled beauty in Oregon, is continuing to get a taste of life as a passenger in the vee-hickle o' life.Her foster mom sent us an update recently, with the news that while Pippin is doing very well in many areas, she continues to be ornery and recalcitrant in others. Rather than flood Pippin with the stimuli that set her off, our behaviorist suggested that Pippin's foster parents work to avoid presenting her with triggers, thereby providing a more positive training experience and setting up a positive relationship with people that does not involve punishment or corrections that could cause Pippin to fail. I've you've ever tried to diet or quit smoking, you may understand this concept: not keeping cigarettes or Haagen Daz around makes it easier to succeed, lessens temptation and makes the whole process less difficult.
So Pippin is progressing, but she has occasional setbacks, just as people do when they change their behavior. But she's still a little gem, and she's moving in the right direction!
Who could ask for anything more?
The Frog Princess

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Balboa said...

Great progress Pippin. By the way, you're a real cutie.