Friday, March 23

Petey is Piped Aboard!

Positively perfect young Petey came to us from a Pittsburgh area humane society through the efforts of a shelter worker.Dog rescue is a small world, it turns out. One of our volunteers and the shelter worker both belong to a Bull Mastiff rescue group, and when the shelter worker posted on the email mailing list that she was looking for a Frenchie rescue group, our volunteer piped up and directed her to our Northeast Regional coordinator, who got in touch with a Pittsburgh area volunteer, who was in possession of this pluperfect pup within 24 hours! Our thanks go out to the shelter worker for seeking us out.
Petey was surrendered because the older American bulldog in the family took exception to the presence of a young whippersnapper in the household. Poor Petey got the worst of a couple of encounters and his family decided it would be best to rehome him.
He came to us with a little rash on his legs and a bump on one foot, but the rash is gone now, and the bump is nothing to be concerned about. This little guy is going to be turning heads, and we know he'll be getting plenty of applications. He's full of pep and vinegar, and loves to play with other dogs and people. If you'd like to sponsor him or apply for him, check out his biography and see if your family would be a good fit.
We know Petey's family is out there somewhere, and we'll be keeping an eye out for the perfect application to come across our desk.
The Frog Princess

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dlittlegarden said...

Look at that smiling face! We just LOVE Petey!