Monday, March 5

Punky at Home

Punky, our adorable woodchuck/Frenchie mix, has found a lovely home in Pennsylvania. She'll have people on call virtually round the clock and a canine sibling to hang out with. She's already grown accustomed to making the day's errands in the family auto, and she turns heads everywhere she goes.Punky's new family is absolutely thrilled with her, and we couldn't be happier for Punky, who will be dining from a bowl with the word "Princess" printed on it, and resting on a big, pink bed between trips to the bank and post office. Nice life, Punky!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Woohoo for Princess Punky!! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Happy days for Punky and her wonderful new family from Philippe and Luigi.

Anonymous said...

Princess Punky wishes to thank everyone at FBRN that made it possible for her to find her "forever home", especially Jan and the boys! Her family is in love with her! She is such a wonderful addition to their lives. Frenchies are sooooo special!