Saturday, March 24

Reba on Wheels!

Doggone Carts has sent us a special cart for Reba. It was donated to Doggone Carts anonymously for distribution to a dog that could use it, and it just happened to be a perfect fit for Reba! Most dogs who require a cart have the use of their front legs, but have gone down in the rear. In Reba's case, her front legs lost power, so a more complicated contraption was necessary.

Reba has put on muscle, and she has exercise sessions 3 times a day. In addition, she gets to go see a physical therapist who has designed a program for her. Recently, she went to her first hydrotherapy session, and now she gets to swim in the tub every night.

Here's part of a note her foster mom sent: "She has become very close to my Frenchie, Gigi. They clean each other's ears, doze together in front of the fireplace and share sunbeams. When I take Gigi out for a walk one of the cats will come and sit with Reba u ntil we come back. Sometimes she has a cat on each side of her. They must know she gets worried. It has been fun, inspiring, educational, and very rewarding to help her get better. I can't wait to take her for a walk."

Recently, a reporter in Reba's neighborhood wrote a story on her. You can read it here.
We are looking forward to the day that Reba will be a fixture in her new family's neighborhood, rocking and wheeling down the avenues and stopping for a brioche and a latte at the local coffeeshop and passing the time of day with new friends.
It's a day not too far off, believes
The Frog Princess

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