Friday, March 16

Hope and Faith Settle In!

Hope and Faith, the two breeder retirees, are well-settled in their new home with their new brother, CJ.
As you can see, Faith is a girl who likes to be photographed. She's quite a little star, and she is curious about all kinds of things.

We'd like to point out that Hope is doing very well. We have a couple of dogs now waiting for adoption who wear diapers. Her foster mom assures us it is not a big deal, and Hope is a very happy, healthy girl.

CJ is growing accustomed to having a couple of lively, funny girls around. The girls double team him sometimes, but he doesn't seem to mind a bit.

Hope and Faith are a great success story for us, and we are so happy that we could be there for them and help give them a future where they will be loved and cherished.

Look at those reckless girls, darting in and out, so near to CJ's massive jaws and fearsome teeth. Ooo, they are brave and daring frogs!
A couple of Frenchies after our own heart, says
The Frog Princess

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