Sunday, March 25

Eva Has a Message

Our Missouri foster, Eva, wanted to do a public service message for FBRN's supporters and friends!

She climbed on the chair all by herself and booted up the ol' PC to remind folks that the fabulous FBRN Easter Basket fundraiser, featuring 18 baskets from every region of the US and Canada is currently underway!

Eva tells us that if a seven year old gal without opposable thumbs can figure out how to participate, she has faith that others more richly gifted in the digit department can easily go online and pony up for a couple of tickets!

Eva's got her eye on the "Queen for a Day" basket, and bought tickets for the "Champagne Wishes" basket, too!

It's not too late to place your order and support our generous volunteers' efforts and to give our frogdog fosters a second chance at a loving home and a happy future.

But don't delay too long! The raffle ends Mar 29th at 9pm EST.
We think we will buy tickets every day between now and the end of the raffle. Perhaps spreading out the tickets will increase our chance of winning. Our perhaps it's better to buy one enormous block of tickets?
Off to find the royal statistician for some advice! The lovely bathrobe in the Canada basket is calling our name, says
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I sat at the computer and told my mommy which one to purchase raffles for. The King for a Day looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

What a clever girl Eva is, with or without thumbs! The baskets are incredible, and I'm in the process of deciding which ones to buy tickets for!