Friday, March 9

Rajah Rules the Roost

Well, as much as a 3.3 lb. baby frog can rule, he does. Here we think he was startled by one of his feet and had to take a moment to put those tootsies in their place! Sneak up on a vicious puppy, will you? Take that!
Rajah is busy putting on weight now that his tummyfull of tapeworms is a thing of the past. His mom Jasmine is happy that he's weaned and she is getting out and about herself, enjoying some exercise and getting her girlish figure back.
Rajah and Jasmine are two more of the 8 dogs we recently acquired from a Pennsylvania commercial breeding operation.
If you'd like to contribute to the cost of their veterinary care and spay and neuter, you can visit the foster page and check them out, along with the other dogs from the mill.
He's a brave and a handsome young Rajah, don't you think? asks
The Frog Princess

PS The Frog Princess is out of the kingdom, attending to family affairs of State. Look for a resumption of regular posts to the blog on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Rajah, You are one of those little froglets that with lots of love and kisses will definitely turn into a handsome Frog-Prince! You have won our hearts AND you were born on our Paul's birthday!!! Love from Lise, Aaron, Louis and Kailani!!!