Friday, July 2

Porter Update

Just in!  News from Porter's foster family:

"Just a fast update on Porter. I know many of you are following his medical condition. His foster dad took him for xrays today to see if his lungs have any cancer and what his heart looks like from the heart worms. The good news is the lungs and heart look good. The xrays were sent to a radiologist to confirm. The bad news is the vet saw swollen lymph nodes. We will know more next week. Pray for him he is such a sweetie pie and has stolen his foster dad's heart."

Please do keep a good thought for Porter! pleads
The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh, all our good vibes, good thoughts and prayers go to Porter.
Benny & Lily

Helene said...

I will light a candle for Porter...he deserves a little luck & a big miracle

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

My family is going to hope and pray Porter's swollen lymph nodes are just a symptom of his nasty heartworms and the ongoing stress his poor body has had to endure. Hopefully they'll begin shrinking as Porter regains his health!

<3 Willow, Smeags, Starr & QBert