Thursday, July 8


Our girl Kiki has been waiting patiently for the right people to come along since last summer.  She's a very good girl, and she loves her people!  She has a few quirks, but she's a loving, sweet-natured dog in the main.
Kiki was a breeder girl who was inappropriately placed with an older couple who didn't have the energy or know-how to manage her.  Kiki quickly became top dog in the home, and when a cable guy came by one day, she bit him.  We don't know any more than that about the circumstances--just that she bit the cable guy.

Exit Kiki from the elderly couple's home and into FBRN.

Because she bit the cable guy, she has the bite label, and that is probably turning people many people off.    She's a dominant girl, and unless she gets the consistent message that she is not the boss and there will not be an opening for any management positions any time soon, she will test and test again.  Although she now lives reasonably happily with two foster siblings and last week even initiated play for the first time since she got into foster care, she would far prefer be the only spoon in your cereal bowl. 

Kiki sounds like she's all rotten, but really she's almost all good with just a few bruised areas.  If she were a peach, she'd make a very tasty jam or cobbler!

Kiki loves to go for walks and she loves to cuddle with her people.  When she first wakes up, she likes to stretch out by reaching up her person as high as she can and pat-pat-pat with her paws.  She loves to be held upside down like a baby and have her tummy rubbed.  She would lie that way for hours if she could.

She hates the camera and she isn't very photogenic, because she always lowers her head between her shoulder blades like Snoopy doing his vulture thing.  But we got some new photos of Kiki out among the flowers last week, and we hope that seeing her in this venue might help people see her as we do:  mostly lovely, with just a few broken petals.

Kiki deserves a home and family of her own.  If you are willing to consider her, check out her bio and see if she might be the carnation for your buttonhole, the peach for your pie, the chutney for your curried chicken, extravagantly poetizes

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I so hope Kiki finds her place in the Sun soon! Poor girl certainly deserves her own family! I say she should have a Muggins on the bite, her people should have been watching more closely. They failed her!

Two French Bulldogs said...

I hope Kiki finds her forever home. If it was up to mom we would have 20 million of us here.
Benny & Lily

Helene said...

Thank goodness for FBRN! Someone will fall in love with Kiki & she'll be a "success story" or as you wrote, the carnation in some lucky person's buttonhole!!!

Anonymous said...

Kiki looks so pretty among the blossoms. I am so glad to hear she is learning how to play! I love a "little bit rotten" girl, myself.....Joey One Eye

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. Currently a mom to two Bostons and want to add a Frenchie to our family...watching your site for the right fit. I dont think she would like my alpha female...but someone will get lucky with her.