Wednesday, July 7

King Killian

We've received many loving notes from our donors to Killian and we wanted to update you on his progress.
From his foster mom:
"Killian – sweet, sweet Killian.  He is doing well – still hobbling a bit on one back leg, but getting around SOOOOOO much better than when he arrived.  He gets along with all of the dogs in this pooch haven and that is so awesome.  They are all very inquisitive about the cone, but he is good about letting everyone check it out.  He hasn’t played a lot with any of them, but he may not feel up to it yet.  He is still on pain meds from the jaw surgery, but is eating like a lumberjack. LOL  He does well for his baths and loves to be snuggled.  He is very attached to me and on the weekend, he didn’t even want to poop in the yard with my husband – he wanted mom to come with him. LOL  Huge eye roll!  Anyway, he sees the doc today for a checkup, but is coming along nicely."
 He looks beautiful in his pink shell/throne, doesn't he?  Lovely photo.  We all want to say thank you to every donor who sent money for Killian's surgery and treatments.  He's feeling a little better every day, thanks in large part to our friends, donors, and supporters.
Keep him in your thoughts, please!  He's such a good boy, croons

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

What wonderful news. We love your lampshade and the bed fit for a king. We will keep our paws crossed for a speedy recovery.
Benny & Lily