Monday, July 5

Gonna Take a Miracle

This little dog is another one in dire straits that we could not turn away. With Porter and Killian, she'll be causing us to dig once more into the couch cushions looking for every penny we can find. Worst of all, she's in California, where vet costs are at least 1/3 again as much as they are in the midwest.

Unfortunately, she needs an operation fast, and we don't have time to move her.
But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Miracle came to us from Animal Control, who seized her from a yard full of at least 6 dogs and a lot of dog dirt.They responded when the neighbors called reporting a dreadful racket. It appears the dogs had gotten into a terrible fight and Miracle took the brunt of it.

Animal Control took her into custody, stitched up her torn ear, removed a couple of teeth that were barely hanging on, and spayed her. The owners relinquished ownership to Animal Control and Animal Control called FBRN.

She's got a couple of dirty ears, she's quite underweight, and she is still lactating from a recent litter, but Miracle's major problem is a torn up, broken shoulder. She will require a special surgery that involves a pin and a tension band--this is the option that will most likely el iminate pain and return full use of the limb. It's an expensive surgery. It will cost over 2,000 dollars and closer to 3,000, even with a discount. Here's what her foster mom had to say about her:
"She carries that stuffed tigger around like a baby. She takes all of her toys nite nite, then she lies down to nurse them. She tries to suck my finger, now that she lets me get close enough. Almost like she (like her recent litter) was taken away from her mommy too young....

She is very loving, but clearly afraid. She is also afraid of seeing other dogs until she is familiar with them. She is still totally separated from my dogs, but shows no aggresion to others through barriers. She wants to get better. She really does. She is terrified, but oh, so willing, if she knows what I want. She is starting to trust me. Just in time, as we are going to have a long road of rehab, we are going to have to trust each other, learn a lot from each other, while we patiently get her through this and work out the emotional hurts at the same time....
Animal control really came through."

These needy dogs are falling like the gentle rain onto the place beneath. We are hoping the quality of mercy has not been strained in the past few weeks, and our friends and supporters can once more give us a hand with these dogs we just could NOT refuse.

Would you get a load of that darling face? How could anyone say no to her?

We can't refuse these neediest of the needy: a dog who was run over and left in the highway to die; a dog who was flung in the backyard to die of exposure or cancer, whichever came first; and this precious girl who was the victim of neglect and then a nasty dog-pile.

It's so important to all of us that someone be here for these dogs that our Junior Volunteers will sell soda; our grown up volunteers will use their crafty skills to raise money; our foster families will open their homes to these needy beasts; and our friends will step up to help, too. You never fail.

You can sponsor Miracle by donating and leaving a note for her in the little box on the Paypal check-out page.

Thank you for giving again when we need it so much.

The Frog Princess


Smushie Ranch said...

This is another frog story that breaks momma's heart. :(

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Anonymous said...

[Mercy] is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes. I can't spare much coin these days, but I'll send a little something for this poor baby. And thanks for the M of V reference, FP.

Michelle, Joker & Mushu said...

Miracle, you are so beautiful and we can see that fighter frenchie spirit in you! Unfortunately, we know how costly vet care is in California, but there are also so many great vets! We'll be praying for you, sweet girl. We hope you make a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

How is Miracle doing? Is there any news? We hope she is healing up and settling in.