Thursday, July 22

Flo Flies In

Flo, named for Florence Nightingale, arrived in FBRN's care this week.  She's a precious little puppy who was purchased in a famous chain of petstores.

Following months of treatment for demodex, Flo's vet looked her over and thought she should be seen by an orthopedic vet because her hips seemed to be popping in and out a bit.

Her owner, who is going through chemo, felt she might not have the strength and energy to care for Flo as well as herself.  As you might imagine, it was a very, very sad and difficult surrender for Flo's owner as well as our volunteers.

Please keep a good thought for Flo's owner, who was selfless enough to do the right thing for her dog.  And take a look at the beautiful face on this darling girl!

Uh, oh, wait a minute.  Is that a mischievous little grin she's trying to hide?  Do you see it, or is it just us? 

Whether or not she turns out to be a mischief maker, we are pretty sure there's not a thing that could be done to make her one speck or iota more adorable, judges

The Frog Princess


Mia said...

OMD!!!! She is so adorable!!!!!!!!!! She will have a fabulous home in no time!!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Holy crap she is a cutie pie
Benny & Lily