Monday, July 26

Update on Killian

Here's an update on Killian, the good looking red-headed boy who was hit by a car and left in the road a few weeks ago:

"First of all – he is PRECIOUS!  Next – he is becoming a sincere momma’s baby!  I really have to get after him for his crying and whining when I need to put him in a crate. LOL  But, great news – if you’ll remember, the day we took him in with his broken jaw, he was also dragging his back legs – both the result of a car hitting him.  Well, this weekend was a month since he came to us and the vets and surgeons have really studied his backend and why he was dragging it – they could find nothing on the x-rays showing a broken bone or disks.  It has gradually started getting better – he began walking on three legs.  We were happy about that.  This past week, he began gingerly putting down the fourth leg!  He has tried to jump up on us, which we quickly bend down so he will stop trying to jump – his legs just aren’t strong enough – but last night I was on the phone and he came up to the chair I was in and stood up on his hind legs, leaning on the chair, for me to love on him.  He could do it!  He has begun running, with a tiny limp on one side, but he is thrilled and so are we.  He is amazing!  The jaw is healing well – he is out of his cone and looks like a real dog now instead of a bubble boy. LOL  Just wanted to share his great news.  Oh – the vets did say they have suspected that he could have had a hairline fracture of the pelvis, which would not be corrected surgically, would not be able to be seen on the films, but would just heal over time.  The legs are working!"

We are all so happy that Killian is coming around and doing so well.  Thanks to the motorist who stopped to pick him up and took the time to find FBRN, thanks to Killian's foster mom, and thanks to the donors, sponsors and supporters of FBRN who made it possible to get Killian in to see the vet and get him fixed up!

The Frog Princess


Anita said...

Thank you for the update on Killian. I was telling everyone his story and was encouraging donations ;)

aerochic76 said...

Yeah Killian!!! And yeah FBRN!!!

Helene said...

That's such a happy progress report...hurray for Killian, he's a surivor

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! FBRN really does save lives.