Tuesday, July 20

Capn Mac Takes a Nap

We got a little update about Capt. Mac, one of our fosters who has had a tough row to hoe. 

"Mac has been suffering from some IBD / sensitive tummy issues.  He began to lose weight and has been eating ID food for a while. This seems to have helped him a lot,  along with his nice thundershirt.  He is
enjoying a relaxing Summer waiting for someone to come and adopt him.

He is still a bit of a phantom puddler around the house and on the deck if not watched, he really loves to make his mark and cover up any scent of other dogs.

Here is Mac snoozing in one of his favourite places."

Boy, doesn't he look innocent?  I wouldn't think that a sweet, sleepy guy like that might sneakily sneak around the joint piddling on things.

"C'est la vie, say the old folks, goes to show you never can tell." 

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Mac..you are the sweetest!!
Benny & Lily