Thursday, July 15


Sprite (Moo to her foster family) is a darling little pied girl.  Her mom wrote us with this detailed update last week.  And some great photos!

"It's been a busy week. Busy with cleaning. Sprite, or Moo as we've ended up calling her here, has one accident a day. For a couple of days it was peeing in her crate in the afternoon. I had a pillow in it and it went through the wash a couple of times as a result. Then around midnight she peed on her dog bed, which is next to my side of the bed. My boyfriend woke me up as he could hear it happening (I was dead asleep). There was another pee in the stairwell yesterday while we were waiting for Zadie, my little slow poke, to get down the stairs. Can't quite figure it out, except she seems to like to pee on pillows and she will pee in the stairwell if she has to wait for Zadie. Although the pillows seem to be a much more consistent trigger. It's a shame because she came with a nice big dog bed but the last two nights she's been sleeping on my housecoat.

Since my last email I've noticed that she is protective/possessive of her food around Zadie but will let me take it away from her without a fuss.

Zadie tests Moo's patience, and mine, with her puppy shenanigans. When it's too much I've been crating Zadie as she doesn't mind it and it calms her down. Moo has always been fine with the play biting, pawing, and barking.

...I haven't yet taken Moo to the vet but would like to on the weekend & get her left ear rechecked. It still looks swollen and I'm running out of antibiotic ointment. Moo's fur is still coming out at her back end & she's starting licking her front paws. Perhaps a course of Benadryl would help her out. Something to talk to the vet about.

Moo walks on the slow side with rolling hips but isn't in pain. I still carry her up & down the stairs. There is no knuckling. Moo lets out a little warning bark if she hears unusual noise, but she doesn't get carried away."

All this piddling on pillows puts us in mind of a pup who is making her mark in a new place after a few moves in a row.  Could be that she wants the world to know the comfy pillow is SPRITE'S pillow!  We hope she soon settles in and feels that she doesn't have to leave her mark everywhere.  She'll be much easier to live with when she feels more confident, asserts

The Frog Princess

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Niki Storr said...

No more pees on pillows since I sent this in. I think we're making progress. She's a sweetie and will be a devoted dog to some lucky person.