Saturday, July 17

Mario Makes It Home!

Poor Mario, his owner was yet another victim of the vicious economy.  There were lots of tears when his family had to give him up.  Mario is fortunate--there was a family waiting for a little brindle boy just like him!  He moved all the way from the blazing hot heat of Texas to the pretty hot heat of SoCal.  He's got a little sister named Stella to play with and a kind of cranky Chihuahua named Murphy to observe their foolishness.  Here's what his family wrote as he was settling in earlier this month:

"Thought I'd pass along some photos of Mario. He is doing great...already
comfortable with our routine. He and Stella are absolutely inseparable!
Their favorite pastime is to tease one another with toys, then proceed to
chase one another around trying to get the toy. Which usually ends in an
exciting game of tug of war.

Mario seems to LOVE the weather here. He goes
outside multiple times a day to sniff around and lay in the sun. He has
also learned to get very excited when he sees his harness and leash come
out, because we go on long walks after dinner. We started him off slowly
the first couple of days, but today we did a 3/4 mile walk and he handled it

It's great for our foster families to hear from their adopters, and volunteers love to hear about happy endings, too.  That Mario!  What a great grin he's sporting there.  No question that he's a happy boy.  Thanks to our sponsors and donors for another wonderful story, says

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Welcome to So. Cal and congratulations on your forever home
Benny & Lily