Wednesday, December 10

Dashing Through the Snow!

It's little Haricot! Here's a note from her foster dad:

She's getting stronger and stronger and is able to get some help from the snow for getting up and walking. She is deffinitely using reflexes to walk as you can see the bounce. Dogs can cope very well with reflexes as I have seen with Andre. Here's the video.

It's so great to see Haricot out and about and enjoying life!

She's a lovely inspiration for

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Wow - she's come such a long way!!! SO happy for her :)

Anonymous said...

My Sweet Bean,

We love you and are so proud of your progress! Bea told me that she's wants to play in the snow with you someday, leaving the carts behind! You're our inspiration!

Your proud parents are angels on earth who have made such a difference in many lives, including ours.

Be healthy and strong!