Thursday, June 21

Waltzing Away

Beautiful Mathilda, our sweet as sweet potato pie girl from a commercial breeding facility, is pending adoption. We can't wait to see this darling settled into a home of her own.
All the early years of her life, Mathilda was busy being a mamma dog to Frenchie puppies. Given her affectionate and happy disposition, we'll wager she was an excellent parent. Now she is ready to be somebody's darling honey child, somebody's sparkling sugar lump, the perfect candy apple of somebody's eye. It's her turn to be taken care of.

The whole reason we exist is to send these dogs to their happy lives as beloved family members. We send them off with smiles and waves and every good wish for a long, sweet life.

Still, there's a little pang with each departure. We love to hear from our former fosters. Knowing they are well and happy makes us feel well and happy, too!

The Frog Princess

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