Friday, June 15

Update: Janie Sparkles!

Another adoptive family recently checked in with news of their FBRN grad, Janie.

"Janie Sparkles arrived at her forever home in San Francisco on January 14th, 2006. Sixteen months later, we can't imagine a life without this little cuddle bug. She's made the long journey from a stinky, mange-y mess to the queen of our hearts.

When she entered foster care as "Lucky," this unlucky lady was missing most of her coat from a bad case of demodex, as well as infected ears and two cherry eyes. Her foster mommies renamed her Janie and nursed her back to health with the help of Maverick, their black lab.

After five months of fostering, this midnight brindle learned a thing or two from Mavvie and still fancies herself a fearless, big black dog.

Ever-social, but independently-minded, Janie Sparkles passed basic training at the San Francisco SPCA with flying colors. While not food-motivated, belly rubs, toys (especially other dogs' toys) and meeting new people are her objects of desire.

She continued medical treatment and a bathing regimen for the skin mites for her first six months with us and has been given the "all-clear" from her dermatologist.

Even with a few patches of missing and thinned fur, she's so much more than a plain Jane. Despite the neglect and abuse in her past, Janie's personality and positive
outlook shines bright, earning her the moniker "Sparkles." She even celebrates the little bald spot on her shoulder as part of her urban character and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

Today, she happily comes to work at Clif Bar & Co., running around the warehouse offices with other dogs, including Tank (her English bulldog boyfriend), Tucker (a Frenchie-loving black lab who plays low and small), Yalkie (a peppy miniature schnauzer), Ruthie (a matronly Jack Russell), and Scrubby (the ever-hungry Akita/pit bull mix office mascot). After work, Janie loves off-leash romps with her best friend
Bibby, who's teaching her how to be a Golden Retriever, both fetching and returning a ball.

She's still excited for dog park dates with her foster mommies, who have a new baby boy and puppy (Maverick passed away). Janie Sparkles has stayed at her foster home for the weekend when we've gone away. In addition, she's been gracious enough to return the favor and welcome Casey (an FBRN foster, now placed) when the foster mommies went on vacation.

Happily settled into our, I mean, HER home, Ms. Sparkles brightens up our lives whether she's sleeping between our legs at night or snoring in the sun. Although there are two Frenchie boys who live next door and with whom we enjoy morning and evening walks, we're considering the possibility of a Frenchie sibling for Janie Sparkles.

Perhaps an FBRN pup that she can teach how to become a happy, healthy dog? Time will tell..."

Janie Sparkles is living the good life in one of the world's great cities. We wonder if she'd consider a vacation home-swap? A week in the Princess's castle for a week in the City by the Bay, hmmm? wheedles

The Frog Princess


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Beautiful photos!!

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Yay Janie Sparkles! What a lovely update.