Wednesday, June 13

Bon Mots?

While taking a look at our blog statistics this afternoon, we were especially intrigued by two Google searches which seemed to unaccountably lead the seekers to
our little site.
The first caused us to wince and say a silent thank-you to the gods that we have no need to explore this topic on the 'net: "Hot Tub Staph Infection."

The second search sounded equally distressing for the sufferer. However, for the parent, we feel that this sort of child might be a great deal more fun than the ordinary sort, depending on which half is which: "Half Puppy Half Human."

We will leave you with two photos of Twila, taken while she is enjoying herself in the tub. She is soaking her poor feet, which have some sores on them, but she is very unlikely to develop either of the conditions mentioned above as a consequence of her sitzbath. Twila gets to spend time with her foster mom in the tub every evening, telling about her day and splashing and enjoying the soothing water. We think a lovely bath might be just the thing on this beautiful night. With perhaps a cup of that which cheers but does not inebriate. Or possibly a glass of something which does both.

Cheers to you! salutes
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Make mine Lillet!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that those who find the FP blog thru some weird search end up as Frenchie converts (and of course, FBRN sponsors) as a result! Sounds like they will be much happier, some of them!