Monday, June 11

Jasmine Finds a Family!

Beautiful Jasmine, one of the Pennsylvania 8 rescued from a puppy miller, has a new family to love! She has left behind her baby, Raja, in the foster home they have shared for a several months. We were all quite stunned at the remarkable resemblance between Mamma and baby.

Though Raja was at first quite sad when his mamma left, he has been taken in hand by the other Frenchies in his foster home, and is learning to be an independent young thing.

Raja is growing big and strong and is having his neuter surgery this week. Following his recovery from the surgery, he'll be available for adoption. Boomer, Jasmine's other baby, is having some medical problems with his legs, we are sorry to say. We are considering the options on his treatment.

Jasmine will be sharing her home with a very handsome beast named Monty. Her foster mom says Jasmine has become a little shadow, following her everywhere and supervising all the activities of the household. Frenchies are no slackers when it comes to seeing to it that things are done properly. Things should be just so, n'est ce pas? If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well. Jasmine will be happy helping to ensure quality control in every aspect of the day's activities from bathing to gardening to meal preparation. Especially meal preparation! Did you know taste-testing is the French bulldog's specialty?

We wish Jasmine and her family a very long and happy life together!
The Frog Princess

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