Wednesday, June 20

Blogiversary Update: Adam!

We received an update from one of our very first foster dogs! We remember Adam very well, the handsome devil! We admit to having a wee crush on him. Of course, we were both much younger then. Here is the note we got from his mom:

"I am enclosing pictures of FBRN graduate Adam. He was the first FBRN rescue in California. Heidi Lillie wrote him up for Frenchies First magazine's "Ask Darla" column. Since his "retirement" from his celebrity activities (he is almost 11!) he has still been keeping busy. An artist named Betty Grissom asked to paint his portrait because he was so darn cute and she wanted to add to her business animal portrait painting.

Adam helped Betty's commissions when we joined her at an art show where she was exhibiting and he sat in a chair and allowed people to pay homage to him during the show.

The pictures are of him with his portrait print. It was a riot. People were lined up to pet him. He took it all in stride. Far cry from the abused dog I first got that would give me a warning growl if I tried to pet him.

The shaved area you see on his leg was due to his recent surgery to remove his spleen. He had benign tumors (Thank God). I was so nervous putting an almost 11 year old thru surgery but my Adam came thru! He has brought incredible joy in my life and I am so fortunate to be owned by him."

Adam has grown even better-looking with the passing of the years. What a darling he is, and that little shaven patch on his leg is just as dangerous and appealing as a dueling scar on the face of an Austrian nobleman! No wonder the art-lovers were lined up to greet him. Such a dashing, vital and charming Frog is bound to set hearts to beating faster, faces to flush and tongues to tangle foolishly, if we rightly recall the symptoms of puppy love.

Ah, yes, I remember it well, hums
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Boy, is he the cutest or What!? I bet the artist got lots of new work from his advertising!