Tuesday, June 5

Blogiversary Update: Bella!

FBRN's 2004 graduate, Bella, is doing very well in her single-dog setting in SoCal. Sounds to us as though she is having a very good life, and the pictures bear witness to her happiness in the Golden State.

"Hi Frog Princess

We love your blog and are regular readers. Here is an update on Bella FRRN 2004 (from So. California). Bella enjoys her elevated status like a true frog princess.

Bella is an only dog and her temperament will keep it that way. She spends the better part of each day sunbathing like a true California Gal. She also interrupts her sun worshiping to keep all squirrels out of the yard. In the afternoon she supervises homework and dinner preparation.

Then in the evening it is sack out cuddle time on the couch. Life could not get much better. I've included some pictures for your enjoyment. Thank you once again for all FBRN does. You have all brought us much happiness.

Best Regards,

Bella's Family"

It's not too late to send a Blogiversary update on your own FBRN grad! We'd love to
hear from you and your frog. Send us a note and some photos: fp-fbrn@comcast.net

We also enjoy spending time out in the royal kitchen behind the castle, watching Cook prepare our meals and enjoying the entertaining and sometimes ribald company of various other servants who may have gathered there for a refreshing beverage and a moment's rest from their labor. We like to know that our graduates are making themselves useful! approves

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Bella is a beauty and really knows how to live the California life! Pure happy. She seems to be thinking, "I know I am so loved and treasured!"