Monday, June 11

Blogiversary Update: Dots (formerly Lacy)!

Dots, formerly Lacy, just recently went to live with her new family in Southern California. Her family sent us a note to tell us how Dots likes to spend her days.

"This is 16 month old DOTS, adopted two weeks ago - however, she was posted as
Lacy. We had to rename her because our other dog's name is Lucy!
Dots loves to be outside, sunbathing, watching the world pass by."

Here she is, apres le bain, all wrapped up in towels and relaxing in preparation for her massage and pedicure. If only we had sound on this blog you could hear some of the Loreena McKennitt playing softly in the background, and if we could, we'd spritz you with some of the lavender and sage aromatherapy wafting around the room.

Dots is like a lot of Frenchie girls. She likes to be pampered. And why not? asks
The Frog Princess

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Shalu said...

great dogs. here. arent they great...