Monday, June 4

Blogiversary Check In: Ellie!

Here is the first response we received to our call for updates from the families of past FBRN fosters. This note and these photos came from NC-10 survivor Ellie's family. Ellie has a place in this year's calendar, too.

"We adopted Ellie nearly one year ago. Today, we can’t imagine life without her. Her transition to our home was seamless and we think she is perfect! What once was a frightened, neglected girl rescued from a horrid puppy mill is now a bold, spunky, dare I say, stubborn little Bully.

Whether she is taunting cats, chasing ducks, frolicking at the dog park or greeting new people, Ellie enjoys her life to the utmost. She has a lifelong companion in our male Boston Terrier who loves her like a little sister. Ellie is a snorting, wiggling bundle of joy and we love to watch her dance at our feet when she gets excited. She is a happy little Frenchie whose only complaint is waking before 6am and being asked to walk! Oh, the indignity of her people!

We are ever grateful to FBRN for their dedication to the NC-10 and the many Frenchies who have found themselves suddenly homeless.

Happy Blogiversary! Long live the BLOG and the Frog Princess!"

Thank you, thank you! We have seen lots of wonderful photos of Ellie, but we think this one of her with her orange salamander/frog/monster is our favorite.
And we'd also like to point out that what some folk call stubbornness in a beautiful young bulldog, others call good judgment. Only animals of the avian persuasion are up and about at six ack emma, and they are obliged to be searching for revolting worms and winning their own daily bread and so on. We who need not go pecking about in the earth feel no need to rise before the dew has decently dried on the lawn.

It's inhumane to expect a sweet, young frog to walk on the cold, wet grass! protests
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

That's no salamander/frog/monster...that's Ellie's crate mate Otto the goldfish!

Thanks Frog Princess!

Anonymous said...

Hello to Miss Ellie! Such a's neat to learn more about Miss July of this year's calendar and see additional pictures! Thanks for the update Frog Princess!

Lisa said...

"Only animals of the avian persuasion are up and about at six ack emma" In which case you must be of the birdy nature your own self. I know at what time you arise, miss.