Monday, December 4

Spa Day for BabyCakes

For those of us who enjoy BabyCakes (and who doesn't?), adopted through the FBRN Outpost a few years ago, here is a pictorial essay on the hardship this poor creature endures. Her mom was good enough to send commentary."Here is how to live like a princess.

First there is the float and soak in the warm tub with lavendar. She keeps scooting her hind legs under the running spigot so she gets the full jacuzzi effect.

Next comes the relaxation under a warm towel, waiting for the masseuse...Waiting for the MASSEUSE!

Hey! Where is that darn masseuse anyway?"

Sweet BabyCakes, we understand all too well. The life of a Princess is not all that it is cracked up to be, what with being frequently photographed in what should be private circumstances and the poor quality of servants one finds in these absurdly egalitarian times!

We recommend withholding a tip, advises
The Frog Princess
PS Did you know that there are plenty of FABULOUS items available this week in our FBRN Christmas auction fundraiser ? Scroll down the front page of the FBRN website to see the goodies. You simply must check these out. Dame BabyCakes and The Frog Princess are very hopeful that these items find their way to good and deserving homes.


anita said...

this little girl has the sweetest face! the way she enjoys life to the max is ,in my opinion, the only way to live!

txchic57 said...

She actually looks more like she's awaiting the manicurist.

More Baby!

Anonymous said...

So this is what BabyCakes does with all the money she's won as Card Shark!

What a sweetie. She can profit from my losses anytime. Hope her masseuse arrives soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was so funny! You lighten our spirits, Frog Princess!