Saturday, December 9


Brutty's foster brother LaRue has moseyed on down the happy trail to Texas, but that doesn't mean a clever dog should relax his vigilance when it comes to his toys!

No, no! Just because it seems a little more quiet, and it seems a little less dangerous, doesn't mean a wise Frenchie should let down his guard! No sir.

Why, new Frenchie fosters could come seeping under the front door or falling over the transom or come digging up under the floorboards and we all know what's on their minds! Stealing Brutty's toys is what's on their minds.

Little frogs come creeping...they come from...little thieving rotten fosters want my toys...not gonna...zzzz...not gonna get my stuffies...

Ahhh, sweet dreams my poor deluded Brutty! Have fun playing with your toys in the land of Nod.

Poor little thing. All those years in the puppy mill, he never had a toy, and now they are so precious to him, he protects them even in his sleep.

We visit the Goodwill store from time to time and pick up stuffies for the poor, homeless Frenchies. It's an inexpensive way to support rescue, says
The Frog Princess


anita said...

when brutty goes to his new home.. i hope he has all the stuffies he could ever want!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs stuffies to call their own. And what better way to keep them than to sleep with them. Keep on guard Brutty. Looks like you found a stuffie you really love.