Monday, December 25

Merry Christmas from FBRN

Good Morning and a Merry Christmas to you from all of us at FBRN! Here is our darling Lucy Lou wearing the footie pajamas one of our volunteers made just especially to fit her special figure.

There's a video of Lucy Lou tearing up the backyard of her foster home on the FBRN website. Disability? What disability?

She's had a hard time sleeping, because she's been waiting and listening for Santa and his clattering pals to show up. Her foster brothers and sisters have told her all about the Christmas tradition, and she's pretty sure she's going to be getting a stocking full of treats and toys with the rest of the dogs.

Lucy Lou and all our fosters wish you and your friends and family a wonderful holiday and send you wishes for a sweet New Year filled with hope and comfort and joy.

And to all the volunteers, foster dogs, adoptive families and FBRN supporters of 2006, we send our grateful and affectionate greetings. We look forward to many more happy stories by the time we celebrate the holidays next year.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Seeing Lucy Lou in those cute pj's sure made my Christmas merrier.

anita said...

ah happy christmas sweet girl! i know you got a bunch in your stocking.. and working legs too! i saw you running with your pals.. it was very exciting for all of us to see how well she is doing.. love really does conquer all... :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Frog Princess! We had leg of lamb and Greenies yesterday!
Lee and Lee and the Mastiff Five

Anonymous said...

It is so cheering to see a little "handicapped" pup moving so fast the speed of the camera wasn't sufficient! To quote another fabled handicapped child, "God bless us, everyone!"