Tuesday, December 5

Saving Sadie

One of our ever-ready ready volunteers zipped over and pulled sweet Sadie from a high-kill shelter in Florida. She was apparently a breeder dog, and she has multiple c-section scars. At 6 years-old or thereabouts, she had outlived her usefulness. So she was summarily dumped at a shelter, without medical records, without a history, without a name.We are calling her Sadie. She's a funny girl! When she first came to us, she'd lost her voice and only squeaked, but she has recovered her bark, now, and joins in the doggy chorus at her foster home when the palm leaves rustle with iguanas or a gator slides into the swimming pool. Her foster mom says she has a bunch of cute little ways.
Sadie is a velcro girl, and she loves to nestle by her person on the couch. In the bed at night, Sadie keeps the boogie man away by falling asleep with her paw touching her person. When morning comes, her foster mom wakes up to find Sadie's head on her chest, big Frenchie eyes gazing into hers and a very, very gentle pat, pat, pat on her arm with a little white paw. She doesn't give kisses very often, and almost never on request, but she'll steal up on you and stealthily sneak a smoochie-smooch when it's least expected!
Sadie has a few health issues: She takes an inexpensive medication twice a week for a mild case of incontinence, and she is in the very early stages of kidney disease. Her vet says she'll live a long, full life with the help of a special diet.

Sadie sounds like the kind of girl we'd like to be best friends with! Oh, the trouble we'd find, grins
The Frog Princess


anita said...

all these sweets.. could it be xmas? i'm so glad that sadie has a home with the best of the season.. love :)

Lindsay said...

A beautiful poster child for all the good work of FBR!