Tuesday, December 12

Cornbread Hates Fish

When Cornbread had a chance to visit with his cousin recently, we discovered two things.

1. Cornbread really likes little girls!

And 2. Cornbread could do without the fish.

We get it. Some of us Frenchies are crazy about the mackerel and tuna. We will gladly do a degrading little happy dance for trout and salmon. But we are deeply and rightfully suspicious of the mermaid.

Really. What the heck is that? It's very disconcerting. Very, in Freud's terms, unheimliche--uncanny--with all that hair and all those scales and things. That's just not right.

We will draw the curtain here, and tell you only that the uncanny, hairy, scaly thing will nevermore frighten an unwary Frenchie. Cornbread has saved us all.

Three cheers for Cornbread! shouts
The Frog Princess

1 comment:

anita said...

what a riot! that face... you can just see what he is thinkin..