Friday, December 8

A Sad Day

Our beautiful Piper, our first Alaskan Frenchie, passed away recently. She had been surrendered to rescue with a seizure disorder, in hopes that we could find her a quiet home, without the hubbub of children and other animals. One day last month while she was in the yard, she went into seizures and as her foster family were taking her to the vet, she passed away, apparently of a heart attack.
We are all very deeply distressed at this loss, and we are all very fervently hoping for a better understanding and more effective treatment of seizure disorders in Frenchies.

Such a pretty, vibrant girl! She will be missed by the foster family who loved her and by all of us who enjoyed the stories and photos her mom shared with us.

Rest in peace, our sweet girl.
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Rest in peace sweet, Piper.