Wednesday, December 27

Anna Belle

Let's check in on one of our long term fosters who is now available and looking for a family to love. She is a big fan of riding in the car, and in this photo, she's hanging out on her shotgun seat. She'll have a seatbelt on before the trip begins, not to worry!

Her name is Anna Belle, and she came to us in an appalling state of neglect. As you see, she's come a long way from the day we first took her in.

And she's still loving her lovely pink bed, a gift from her favorite auntie.

She's having a wonderful recovery and is enjoying her time in foster care. She loves her therapeutic baths and can sometimes be found in the tub waiting for someone to come along with an urgent desire to wash a dog.

If you have a place for a girl with some special needs, you don't mind serving as a shampoo girl, and you think Anna Belle might be happy with you, check out her description and see if you and she might be a good fit.

She really deserves to spend her remaining days in a loving, doting home as the center of attention. That is not too much to ask, insists
The Frog Princess

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anita said...

that anna belle.. she steals hearts you know... i love the bath tub thing. my english bully Indy does the same thing! lies in wait for some unsuspecting human to wander on by..must be a girlie thing. :)